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Advances in Environmental and Agricultural Sciences (AEAS) is multidisciplinary, English language, peer-reviewed journal. AEAS is an open access online journal.
Papers will be added immediately to the "current" volume after its acceptance.

AEAS aims to publish all the latest and outstanding research articles, reviews (written on invitation from Editor-in-Chief), letters, technical reports, research methodologies, database articles, software article and short communications in all areas and aspects of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences including, but not limited to:

Agricultural Sciences
  • Agricultural Sciences: Agroecology, Agronomy, Anatomy, Botany, Crop Sciences, Crop Nutrition, Entomology, Food Science, Forestry, Horticulture, Landscape, Plant Biochemistry, Plant Breeding, Plant Ecology, Plant Pathology, Plant Physiology, Plant Morphology, Plant Microbiology, Plant Protection, Pesticidal Science, Microbiology,  Seed Science, Soil Science, Pollination, and Reproductive Biology, Sustainable agriculture, organic agriculture, integrated agriculture, arid zone agriculture, tropical agriculture, urban agriculture.
  • Plants and Environment: Plant-abiotic interaction, drought, high temperature, cold, chilling stress, salinity, acidic soils, deficiency and toxicity of mineral nutrients, Plant-Biotic Interaction, Bacteria, virus, fungi, parasites, weeds.
  • Sociological aspects of agriculture: Agricultural economics, agribusiness, agricultural extension, and environmental economics, agricultural marketing, agricultural education Rural sociology, rural economics, Rural biodiversity.
  • Research methodologies to experimental design, agricultural statistics, environmental statistics, new analytical and study methods.
  • Field studies to hydroponics, meteorological analysis, database articles.
  • Molecular biology to biotechnology, Molecular genetics, population genetics, plant genomics, bioinformatics, Cloning, expression, Transcriptomics ,and DNA finger printing.
  • Agricultural engineering: Agricultural engineering, food engineering, Agricultural machinery, to remote sensing, irrigation management, GIS, computer application in agriculture and crop modeling.
  • Crops: Cash crops, fodder, medicinal, biofuel and bioenergy crops.
  • Management Practices: Cultural practices, crop protection, Tillage and cultivation, irrigation, Water resources management, Fertilizer, crop nutrition.

Environmental Sciences
  • Atmospheric sciences: Meteorology, climatology, Hydrology, climate modeling, climate change, climate change impact assessment.
  • Environmental chemistry Environmental Pollution, Environmental Engineering, , Pollution, environmental pollution, air pollution, water pollution, toxicology, environmental health, environmental impact assessment.
  • Ecology, biodiversity, conservation, population ecology, community ecology, acclimation, adaptation, plant defense, Ecosystem ecology, Agroecosystem, Forest ecosystem, aquatic ecosystem, behavioral ecology, social ecology, biogeochemistry, nutrient cycling, Organic Agriculture, Weed biology, Weed Ecology, Environmental microbiology, wildlife, wetland.
  • Geosciences: Environmental geology, oceanography, soil science.

Animal and veterinary sciences
  • Animal husbandry, dairy science, poultry science, Veterinary science, animal breeding, animal genetics, animal nutrition, zoology, animal physiology, Livestock management, , veterinary pharmacology, Veterinary toxicology, Veterinary physiology, Veterinary reproduction, anatomy, histology, parasitology, Veterinary medicine and Veterinary surgery.
Law and policy
  • Environmental law, environment policy, agricultural policy.

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