Cells, Animals and Therapeutics (CAT) is an international peer-reviewed journal that bridges the gaps between the animal and biomedical sciences. The most important focus is given to the research on biology of animals and their use for the benefits to human being. The research updates on established and emerging methods of management, production, health, diseases, diagnosis, treatment and other interventions in animals and the topics highlighting the dynamics of the cellular biology and morphology are desired. Manuscripts which introduce the modern concepts of therapy, and cellular and molecular therapeutic agents make up the major target of this journal. The journal is based upon the slogan of novelty and professional dedication.

The target audience are researchers, practitioners, academicians, students and the farmers in the field. This journal is published two times a year (June and December) in English. We focus on the research concerning the various animal species including but not limited to the ruminants, camelids, equines, canine, feline poultry, and fisheries. The use of animals for experimental purposes including the laboratory animals are specifically encouraged.

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Cells, Animals and Therapeutics (CAT)
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