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ISSN 2709-6114 - An International Biannual Journal
2020 | Volume 1 | Issue 1
Research article
Customers Experience Towards SMEs and Corporate Business: Mediating Role of Trust and Commitment

Babar Ashraf Sheikh, Shamin Akhter, Sehrish Serwer, Hira Javed, Nausheen Syed  
Management Letters 2020; 1(1):1-15

Research article
Effect of Covid-19 on Mental Health and Performance of SMEs: Social Media Break the Ice

Sehrish Serwer, Sairah Bano, Iram Bashir, Madiha Riaz, Nausheen Syed, Iqra Shoukat
Management Letters 2020; 1(1):16-21

Research article
An Attitude Approach to The Prediction of Entrepreneurial Intention Among Students: Mediating Role of Dark Triad

Saima Zia, Majid Murad, Nausheen Syed, Shamim Akhtar, Khaoula Omhand
Management Letters 2020; 1(1):22-38

Research article
Visual Merchandising Trends in Pakistan's Fashion Retail Business and its Impact on Impulse Buying

Rizwan Munir, Yusra Saleem, Zafar Javed
Management Letters 2020; 1(1):39-48
Research article
Impact of Employees' Decision-Making Ability on Task Performance: Moderating Effect of Job Involvement

Muhammad Mahad Ahmad, Iram Bashir, Nausheen Syed, Shamim Akhter, Noor Fatima, Ayesha Zulifqar
Management Letters 2020; 1(1):49-56
Research article
Trust Work as Binding Glue: An Empirical Study Examining the Significance Between Trust and Performance of Employees in Textile Sectors

Noor Fatima, Ayesha Zulifqar, Iram Bashir, Saira Ajaz, Muhammad Mahad Ahmad
Management Letters 2020; 1(1):57-64
Research article
Impact of Celebrity Stroke and Consumer Awareness on Brand Strength

Sundas Fatima, Tabinda Tubbasam
Management Letters 2020; 1(1):65-74
Research article
Impact of Cultural Trends and Consumer Perception on Brand Reputation in Emerging Clothing Brands of Pakistan

Tabinda Tubbasam, Sundas Fatima
Management Letters 2020; 1(1):75-83

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