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2019 second issue of Science Letters is been published online.

2019 first Issue of Biomedical Letters is being published online.

2018 first issue of Veterinaria is been published online.


Good quality manuscript needs proper writing and communication of results to the reader than just high quality research. The manuscript requires concise and accurate presentation of data or research findings or conclusion drawn from a research work as well as adherence to journal format where it is going to be submitted electronically. In this regards, given the access to study results and findings with a preliminary draft, a qualified and expert writer requires considerably less time to make the manuscript well competitive in peer review for the said journal. Generally, the expert writer can present research data in more appealing and comprehensive but in a very simple way with necessary logics and important information without any linguistic error.

We have a team of experts in nearly every field of sciences that provides cost effective and time saving alternatives in the following areas:

1. Writing the manuscript either directly from data only or working on preliminary draft of the manuscript
2. Referencing with well accepted published data as well as to the journal format
3. Figures and table are made using the advanced tools available in MS PowerPoint, MS word and MS excel to ensure the impact of quality research work done
4. Formatting is done as per desired journal. Whole of the manuscript including cover letter, title page, abstract, and the contents are made to the level that they only need to be submitted electronically by the authors

Upon submission, a unique ID is being given to your data or preliminary draft of the manuscript. This unique ID could be use as reference in future correspondence between you and the editor. The process may need multiple electronic conversation asking and requesting information so that there should not be left any ambiguity. The manuscript editing is being done using “Track Changes” function available in MS word so that both you and the expert writer could understand the latest for the manuscript.

The manuscript editing does not guarantee acceptance of manuscript in the said journal. We only provide service in presenting the data in best possible way with minimum or no linguistic error. However, we facilitate further even after the reviewing comments from the reviewers of journals.

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