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Biomedical Sciences
Review article
3D condylar forms and positions in association with various vertical skeletal patterns in Chinese adolescents
Mehjabeen Al Jabri, Yang Zhang, Lin Wang, Junqing Ma

Biomedical Sciences
Research article
Clinical Value of External Snapping Hip Treated by Arthroscopic Technique
Amrit Shrestha, Biao Cheng

Animal / Veterinary Sciences
Research article
Comparative Effects of Different Local Analgesics and Ketamine on Clinical Parameters for Cranial Epidural Analgesia in Black Bengal goats
Animesh Chandra Roy et al.
Agricultrual / Plant Sciences
Research Article
Cypermethrin chemodynamics in okra crop agro-ecosystem in Bangladesh

Aaseif Uddin, Md. Shamim Hossain, Md. Mahbubar Rahman, Shahinoor Rahman, Md. Abdur Razzak Choudhury

Agricultrual / Plant Sciences
Research article
Effect of Boron Application on Growth, Yield and Quality of Bitter Gourd
Sadia Sultana, Abid Niaz, Zahid Ashfaq Ahmed, Shakeel Ahmed Anwer, Muhammad Ashfaq Anjum, Muhammad Ilyas

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Animal / Veterinary Sciences
Research article
Meat quality characteristics of goat (Capra hircus) artificially infected with Haemonchus contortus and fed high and low protein diets

Emmanuel M. Atiba, Vitalis W. Temu, Milton M. Lado, Brian Sayre