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Research article
Use of Bauhinia racemose Flower Extract as an Antioxidant Agent for the Stabilization of Sunflower Oil

Inam-U-llah, SaeedAkhtar, Rana Muhammad Aadil, Fengyuan Piao, Tariq Ismail, Muhammad Riaz, Raheel Suleman, Ume Roobab, Amna Ramzan

Biomedical Sciences
Review article
Retrospective Review on The Assessment of Long- and Short-Term Complications Associated with Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting

Amjad Hussain, Liu Zhiyong, He Wei, Xin Xue, Ryu Hou, Chao Li, et al.
Environmental Sciences
Research article
Re-use of Pickling and Chrome Tanning Liquor and Treatment of Tannery Effluent

Kamruzzaman Khan, Eshita Jhahan
Agricultural / Plant Sciences
Research article
Field Study Aiming at Higher Grain Yield and Nutrient Use Efficiency in Wheat Grown in Alkaline Calcareous Soil

Muhammad Irfan, Muhammad Abbas, Javaid Ahmed Shah, Muhammad Ahmed Akram, et al.
Biomedical Sciences
Research article
An Experimental Study of iAssist Total Knee Arthroplasty Technique

Vanniar Senthur Rajendren, Cheng Yu Huang, Mujtaba Ansari, Umair Masood, Li Ming Wang

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Veterinary / Animal Sciences
Research article
Effect of Laying Hen's Age and Oviposition Time on Egg Cholesterol Content

Abdalla M. Abdalla , Erneo B. Ochi