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2019 second issue of Science Letters is been published online.

2019 first Issue of Biomedical Letters is being published online.

2018 first issue of Veterinaria is been published online.


The Science Publishers (TSP) is devoted in the establishment of open access journals covering all disciplines of science and technology. We strongly encourage proposals for new journals. We will be happy to start working with you right away on the new journal. Please provide us the following information at: We will evaluate the proposal and will inform you shortly.

The following information should be included as part of a new journal proposal:

  • Detailed CV of the proposer including, name, affiliation, scientific achievments and previous experience.
  • Description of the new journal, proposed title (a single name or several possible names), aims and scope, type of contents (e.g. review articles, research papers, tutorials, technical reports, case studies, research notes, letters, etc.) and length of journal (articles per issue).
  • Proposed editor-in-chief. Please name proposed editor-in-chief and attach their CV. The editor-in-chief should be a senior person in the field with an international reputation, and must be prepared to be heavily involved with time and efforts.
  • Proposed editorial board members. For each possible editorial board member, please include their area of expertise. As the journal is to be international, the editorial board is expected to cover an extensive geographical area.
  • Guidelines for authors including article text format, length of papers (words per paper), and bibliographical style.
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