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2016 | Volume 4 | Issue 2 | Pages 6-12
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Research article   
Comparative Efficacy of three Newcastle Disease Vaccine Strain in Layers
Sher Alam a, Sarzamin Khan a, Naseer Ahmad a, Rafiullah a, Farida Tahir b, Halima Sadia c and Munibullah *d
a Department of Poultry Science, The University of Agriculture, Peshawar-Pakistan.
b Department of Animal Health, The University of Agriculture, Peshawar-Pakistan.
c Department of Livestock and Dairy Development, Punjab-Pakistan.
d Department of Clinical Studies, Faculty of Veterinary & Animals Sciences, PMAS-Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi-Pakistan.
The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy of three most commonly used Newcastle Disease vaccines strains in layers. The Present study was conducted in the Poultry farm The University of Agriculture Peshawar. Before launching the experiment, cleaning and disinfection of cages and shed was done according to standard protocol. Before starting the experiment all the birds were screened by HI test and diseased birds were culled. The birds were screened for the existent of Newcastle disease antibodies. The birds showing nonspecific antibody titers (≤2) in HI were selected. The birds were divided into four major groups i.e. group LS, AV, MK, and Cont i.e. vaccinated with lasota (Hilton Company) VG/GA (Avinew Merial Company) Mukhtaswar (Veterinary Research Institute Peshawar) and control respectively. All birds were kept under strict observation and were checked daily at the time of feeding and watering. All the mentioned ND vaccines were purchased from farm and were administered to the birds at dose of 0.5cc subcutaneously wing. The antibody titer was determined by hemagglutination inhibition (HI) test.1 ml Blood samples were collected for the determination of antibody titer. Blood and eggs samples were collected on the day of vaccination and with week interval post vaccination till day 42. Significant difference was found among all vaccinated groups as compared to control. Significantly higher immune response was observed in group that was vaccinated with Mukhteswar strain vaccine against the Newcastle disease. Among all the vaccines of different strains, it was found that after primary vaccination chickens of the group vaccinated with Mukhtaswar strain+vitamin E+selinium produced higher immune response than the chickens of other groups vaccinated with lasota or Avineue strains. Mukhtaswar vaccine showed high response towards transmission from body to eggs. As time elapsed the titer of all vaccine gradually decreases. Birds vaccinated with Mukhtaswar + vitminE+selinium vaccine showed significantly increase in antibody. The results showed that pullets vaccinated with Mukhtaswar+Vitamin E+Selinium vaccine was observed to have higher egg production as compared to other vaccinated and control groups. It was concluded from the present study that Mukhtaswar vaccine either individually or with supplementation significantly increase the immune response and no effect on egg production
Keywords: Growers, Pullets, Disposed Fishes, Concentrates, sun-dry fish, Vaccine strain S, Haemagglutination, Antibody titer, Haemagglutination inhibition.

  Received; September 5, 2016                         Revised; October 22, 2016                       Accepted; November 14, 2016                             
*Corresponding author: Munibullah                                      E-mail:

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