Veterinaria ISSN 2409-4676
2017 | Volume 5 | Issue 1 | Pages 21-26
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Research article   
Patho-Epidemiology of Bovine Brucellosis in Aza-kheli Buffalo in Pakistan
Sayyed irfanullah Khan a, Muti-ur-Rehman a, Saima Masood b, Amjad Khan c*, Asghar Khan d, Muhammad Shakeel d, Muhammad Ali Shah e and Zahid Naseer d

a Department of Pathology, b Department of Anatomy and Histology and c Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore,  Punjab, Pakistan
d Department of clinical studies, e Department of Patho-Biology Pir Mehr Ali shah Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan

Buffalo is main dairy animal with 32.7 million populations in Pakistan. Azi-Kheli breed is newly discovered breed of buffalo, localized in Swat valley of Khyber Puktunkwa (KP). In this study seroprevalence and gross as well as histopathalogical lesions of reproductive tract were observed in seropositive buffaloes for brucellosis. Considering PCR a gold standard test for detection of brucella antigen, detecting 14% samples positive out of 100, the sensitivity and specificity was higher for RBPT and indirect ELISA revealing overall seropositivity of 11% and 13% respectively. The most prominent lesions were mild to severe endometritis followed by cervicitis, inflammation of uterine horns, edema, necrotic foci, yellowish exudates and ulceration in uterus. The cervix showed accumulation of whitish exudate of mild to moderate degree and severe cervicitis while uterine horns had mild to moderate Inflammation mild edema, mild necrotic foci, mild pus, exudates and mild ulceration. The histopathalogical examination was in uterus showed mild to severe increase of the fibrous connective tissues in the glandular region with slight hypertrophy in the endometrial glands, mild mononuclear inflammatory cells infiltration, moderate to severe congestion along with degeneration of endometrial glands and myometrium, mild to severe necrosis, degradation of the mucosa, atrophy of the endometrial glands and hemorrhages in the blood vessels. The cervix showed mild to moderate fibrosis, infiltration of mononuclear inflammatory cells, congestion with necrosis along with degeneration of secretory glands, mild atrophy of secretory glands while uterine horns showed mild to moderate fibrosis, infiltration of mononuclear inflammatory cells, congestion, atrophy of secretory gland and degeneration.
Keywords: Brucellosis, Azi-Kheli, Slaughter house and Pathology

Received:  04 July, 2017                                       Revised:  25 September, 2017                                   Accepted:  21 October, 2017  
*Corresponding author:  Amjad Khan                       E-mail: