Biomedical Letters ISSN 2410-955X
2016 | Volume 2 | Issue 2 | Pages 91-98

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Research article
Water Supply Schemes and its Probabilistic Health Impacts on Communities of District Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan
Amjad Hussain Memon 1,2, Allah Bux Ghanghro 2,Taj Mohammad Jahangir 3, Hussain Ahmed Abro 1, Muhammad Younis 4, Kashif Sahito 1, Jahangir Khan 1

1 Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing, People’s Republic of China 
2 Institute of Biochemistry, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan
3 Hi-tech Research Lab, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan
4 The key Laboratory of Development Genes and Human Diseases, Institute of Life Sciences, Southeast University, Sipailou 2, Nanjing, 210096, China

Water is very important for life survival. It also plays its role as an indicator of the life presence. On the other hand water becomes life threatening and hazard when it contaminated by the industrial wastes, home sewerages and other things. The main focus of this study is to determine contaminants burden on the water supply schemes. Manchar Lake is considered as a main source of contamination of the water supply schemes by Indur River water. Season wise wet and dry session comparative study of the sources was carried out with the gap of three months. It was observed that dry season had more burdens of contaminants than wet season. Chronic, carcinogenic and dermal Health Quotient of some metals was found under normal range in water supply scheme samples. Whereas Samples collected from lake and lake/river link were observe highly contaminated in both phases. It may be due to the contaminants impact of lake water becomes diluted when it reached to water supply schemes or due to the dilution or settlements of contaminants because of long distance between lake and water supply schemes. It was also observed that water supply schemes closer to lake observed more contaminated than the distance one
Keywords: Health Quotient, water supply schemes, contaminants, industrial wastes.

Received September26, 2016;     Revised October28, 2016;     Accepted November14, 2016    
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