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ISSN 2410-955X - An International Biannual Journal
2023 | Volume 9 | Issue 2
Research article
Long non-coding RNA RP5-821D11.7 promotes proliferation, migration, and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in glioma and glioma stem-like cells

Muhammad Younis, Sana Shaikh, Khawar Ali Shahzad
Biomedical Letters  | Volume 9 | Issue 1 | pages 64-74
Research article
Structural insights and computational molecular docking to explore novel therapeutic drug targets of STAT3

Sameen Fatima, Durr-e-Sameen, Tayyiba Rauf
Biomedical Letters  | Volume 9 | Issue 1 | pages 75-81
Review article
Non-visual and alerting impact of light on the physiology of human body

Sehrish Naz
Biomedical Letters  | Volume 9 | Issue 1 | pages 82-95
Review article
MicroRNAs: The next generation of cancer biomarkers

Adeel Khan, Haroon Khan, Fizza Mehwish, Osama Alam, Muhammad Irfan Khan, Ahmad Ullah, Syed Atiq, Mushtaq Ahmad
Biomedical Letters  | Volume 9 | Issue 1 | pages 96-112
Research article
Computational 3D structure prediction followed by molecular docking to reveal the novel drug targets against ADA

Noel Shamaun, Muhammad Irfan Fareed, Keziah Shaheen, Muhammad Ameer Moaavia, Aksa Khalid, et al.
Biomedical Letters  | Volume 9 | Issue 1 | pages 113-120
Research article
Bioimpedance spectroscopy characterization of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Sara Martinez Rodriguez, Alberto Olmo Fernandez, Daniel Martin Fernandez, Isabel Martin-Garrido
Biomedical Letters  | Volume 9 | Issue 1 | pages 121-128

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