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ISSN 2311-3219 - An International Triannual Journal
Altering the Fibonacci formula for rabbit Farm
Muhammad Asad Ullah Shah*

University of Lahore, Sargodha Campus, Pakistan

We have a Fibonacci recurrence relation Fk = Fk-1 + Fk-2 with initial conditions F0 = 1 and F1 = 1. This recurrence relation can be derived by considering a rabbit production case. While deriving this recurrence relation from the rabbit production case, we suppose that rabbits don't die. We also suppose that there is only one pair at start. This recurrence relation doesn't look suitable to be applied in a real world case, because rabbits may die or be sold for meat etc. Moreover, in a real world rabbit farm, initial pairs are more than one. In this paper, we will produce a new recurrence relation by altering and modifying the current recurrence relation. We will incorporate the fact that rabbits may die or be sold. The new recurrence relation would be more suitable and feasible for practical cases.
Keywords: Probability, ceiling, recurrence relation.

Received January 12, 2013;         Revised March 15, 2014;         Accepted March 20, 2014
*Corresponding Author Email:
Veterinary / Animal Sciences  Research article

2014 | Volume 2 | Issue 1