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Science Letters is a free multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed, Triannual, open access scientific journal. We publish original research articles, short communications, reviews, case studies, data analysis, and letters to the editor. We are dedicated to serving as a forum to share the knowledge on research advances in all areas of following fields of sciences:

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Agricultural / Plant Sciences
Suitability Study of On-Farm Solar System as an Energy Source for Drip Irrigation

Malik Muhammad Akram, Muhammad Asif
Biomedical Sciences
Study of Human Cancer Cells, Tissues and Tumors Treatment Through Interaction Between Synchrotron Radiation and Cerium Nanoparticles

Alireza Heidari, Katrina Schmitt, Maria Henderson, Elizabeth Besana
Food Sciences
Impact of Drying Methods on the Functional Properties of Peppermint (Mentha piperita L.) Leaves

Khizar Hayat

Veterinary / Animal Sciences
Length-Weight Relationship of Tilapia zillii Fish Species Collected from Egbe Reservoir, Ekiti State, Southwest Nigeria

Olatunde Oginni

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