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Science Letters is a free multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed, Triannual, open access scientific journal. We publish original research articles, short communications, reviews, case studies, data analysis, and letters to the editor. We are dedicated to serving as a forum to share the knowledge on research advances in all areas of the following fields of sciences:

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Agricultural / Plant Sciences
Exposure Time and age Links Parasitism, Emergence and Development of Pupal Parasitoid Dirhinus giffardii Against Bactrocera zonata

Muhammad Awais, Niaz Hussain Khuhro, Muhammad Hamayoon Khan, Raza Muhammad Memon, et al.

Food Sciences
Pasting and Rheological Properties of Different Starches Using Starch Cell of Discovery Hybrid Rheometer

Shahzad Hussain
Environmental Sciences
Assessment of Growth, Yield and Fruit Nutritional Composition of Tomato and Sweet Pepper Irrigated with Abattoir Wastewater

Otitoloju Kekere, Agnes Funmilayo Babatunde, Olumakinde Akinbuwa

Veterinary / Animal Sciences
Egg Hatchability and Early Growth Performance of Cross and Backcross Involving Nigeria Fulani Ecotype and Isa Brown Chickens

Samuel Ayotunde Amusan, Olugbenga Samson Abe, Helen Omosalewa Fasola, Tosin Ademola Adedeji

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