Science Letters  ISSN 2311-3219
2019 | Volume 7 | Issue 3 
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Agricultural / Plant Sciences
Mini-review article
Bitter Gourd as the Potential Source of Various Bioactive Compounds and Its Use for Different Diseases: A Review 

Anam Zahid, Fozia, Muhammad Ramzan, Safyan Ahmed
Sci. Lett. 2019; 7(3):99-103

Mini-review article
Nutritional and Medicinal Significance of Paddy Straw Mushroom (Volvariella volvacea)

Anam Zahid, Muhammad Ramzan, Fozia, Safyan Ahmed
Sci. Lett. 2019; 7(3):104-107

Research article
Two New Aliphatic Alkenol Geometric Isomers and a Phenolic Derivate from Endophytic Fungus Diaporthe sp. Host to Syzygium cordatum (Myrtaceae)

Towett Kipngetich Erick, Joyce Kiplimo, Josphat Matasyoh
Sci. Lett. 2019; 7(3):108-118