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ISSN 2311-3219 - An International Triannual Journal
2015 | Volume 3 | Issue 1
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Agricultural / Plant Sciences | Research article
Evaluation of different oat (Avena sativa L.) varieties for forage yield and related characteristics

Syed Awais Sajid Shah, Lal Hussain Akhtar, Rashid Minhas, M. Shahjahan Bukhari, Amir Ghani
Sci. Lett. 2015; 3(1):13-16  

Agricultural / Plant Sciences | Research article
Influence of power ultrasound on the quality parameters of grapefruit juice during storage

Rana Muhammad Aadil, Xin-An Zenga, Arshad Mehmood Abbasi, Muhammad Saeed Khan, Saud Khalid, Saqib Jabbar, Muhammad Abid
Sci. Lett. 2015; 3(1):6-12

Agricultural / Plant Sciences | Review article
Tomato processing, lycopene and health benefits: A review

Muhammad Umar Nasir, Sarfraz Hussain, Saqib Jabbar
Sci. Lett. 2015; 3(1):1-5

Biomedical Sciences | Short communication
Vitamin D binding protein gene variants rs4588 and rs7041 and low serum concentration of 25-hydroxy (OH) vitamin D3 in type-2 diabetes patients: a pilot study

Hayat Khan, Azhar Masood Qureshi, Sheeba Murad
Sci. Lett. 2015; 3(1):39-41

Biomedical Sciences | Data analysis
Prevalence of hernia in relation to various risk factors in Narowal, Pakistan

Muhammad Naeem Iqbal, Shamim Akhter, Muhammad Irfan
Sci. Lett. 2015; 3(1):29-32

Agricultural / Plant Sciences | Review article
A review on the nutritional content, functional properties and medicinal potential of dates

Muhammad Umar Nasir, Sarfraz Hussain, Saqib Jabbar, Farhat Rashid, Nazia Khalid, Arshad Mehmood
Sci. Lett. 2015; 3(1):17-22

Biomedical Sciences | Research article
Mutational analysis of MDM2 gene in hepatocellular carcinoma

Hafiz Muhammad Ali, Shahzad Bhatti, Muhammad Naeem Iqbal, Shahzad Ali, Muhammad Irfan, Ali Muhammad
Sci. Lett. 2015; 3(1):33-36

Veterinary / Animal Sciences | Research article
Molecular detection of bovine tuberculosis in El Rank area, North Upper Nile State, Sudan

Hassan Z. A. Ishag, Moawia Mohamed Mukhta, Sahar Mubarak Bakheit
Sci. Lett. 2015; 3(1):23-26

Biotechnology | Short communication
Isolation of bacterial species capable of hydrolyzing pectin

Qurat-ul-Ain Hanif, Mawra Gohar, Hafza Raahat Farooq, Saba Asif, Fatima Bajwa, Sana Moin, Kiran Batool
Sci. Lett. 2015; 3(1):37-38

Veterinary / Animal Sciences | Short communication
Population estimation of kites and crows by roost count method in Lahore, Pakistan

Muhammad Naeem Iqbal, Shahzad Ali, Muhammad Irfan, Ali Muhammad, Ghazanfar Mujtaba
Sci. Lett. 2015; 3(1):27-28