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Papers are invited for 2020 first issue of journal Biomecial Letters (Special Issue: Computational Drug Designing and Molecular Docking analyses).

Papers are invited for 2020 first issue of journal Science Letters.

Papers are invited for 2020 first and special issue of journal Biomedical Letters.

Mauscripts for Veterinaria are been published online.


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Special Issue: Computational Drug Designing and Molecular Docking analyses

Handling Editor:
Sheikh Arslan Ashraf Sehgal (PhD)
Government College University, Faisalabad, Pakistan

Special Issue Overview
Nowadays, there has been much advancement in computational drug designing and computational approaches have considerable progress in drug discovery. All the major world pharmaceutical, academics and biotechnology companies are using the computational approaches to design tools. Computer-aided drug design includes computational methods and resources that are used to facilitate the design and discovery of new bioactive chemical entities, including natural compounds.

In this Special Issue, we encourage authors to submit manuscripts in the form of a research paper that contributes positively in each aspect of computational drug discovery, from the design of high-throughput screening libraries to providing estimations of the molecular properties required for drug molecules, improving our understanding of how they interact with biological targets of pharmaceutical interest.

Manuscript Details
Manuscripts are invited for Research articles presenting outstanding scientific contribution. The special issue can include, but not limited, to the following research areas:
  • Structural modeling
  • Molecular Docking analyses
  • High-Throughput Virtual Screening
  • Pharmacophore Modeling
  • Protein Sequence, Structure, and Functional analyses
  • Drug Likelihood and Toxicity

Manuscript Submission
Authors can e-mail the submissions to or

Last date of submission: May 11, 2020
Revision submission: July 20, 2020
Acceptance of manuscripts: July 25, 2020
Online publication: September 25, 2020