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ISSN 2410-955X - An International Biannual Journal
Review article
Biopesticides: A healthy alternative of hazardous chemical pesticides, current development and status in China

Maqsood Ahmed, Ansar Javeed, Allah Rakha Sajid, Sami Ullah, Rana Qaiser Saleem, Zuhaib Ahmad, Talfoor-Ul-Hassan, et al.
Biomedical Letters  | Volume 8 | Issue 2 | pages 98-108

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2022 | Volume 8 | Issue 2
Research article
Comparative modeling, comparative molecular docking analyses, and revealing of potential binding pockets of MDM-2: A candidate cancer gene

Iashia Tur Razia, Ayesha Kanwal, Amna Khalid, et al.
Biomedical Letters  | Volume 8 | Issue 2 | pages 109-116
Research article
Isolation and molecular characterization of keratinase producing Bacillus species from soil

Alia Naseer, Madiha Fayyaz, Musarrat Sharif, Sikander Ghayas Khan, Aaisha Qadir, Abubakar Sarfraz
Biomedical Letters  | Volume 8 | Issue 2 | pages 117-122
Case study
Adolescent fibroadenoma diagnosis via ultrasound and mammography

Zainab Ahmad, Rabia Nawaz, Muhammad Shahid, Sabeen Sabri, Ammara Ahad, Uqba Mehmood, Ghazia Batool, Bushra Siddiqui, Muhammad Usman
Biomedical Letters  | Volume 8 | Issue 2 | pages 123-125

Research article
Influence of onion (Allium cepa L.) supplementation on physio-chemical composition and lipid profile of broiler meat

Sajid ur Rahman, Fizza Iftikhar, Zahra Sajid, Sarzamin Khan, Rifatullah Khan, Fawad ur Rahman
Biomedical Letters  | Volume 8 | Issue 2 | pages 126-135

Research article
Efficiency of halophilic biofilm producing bacteria towards the degradation of plastic materials at optimum temperature

Maham Khan, Muhammad Ashraf, Wajid Ishaque, Muhammad Ahsan, Muhammad Sajid, et al.
Biomedical Letters  | Volume 8 | Issue 2 | pages 136-143

Review article
Significance of essential oils from Eucalyptus camaldulensis on human health: A literature review

Rafia Rehman, Haleema Sadia, Fozia Bibi, Naila Mukhtar, Nidaa Harun, Fahim Arshad, Riaz Hussain, Shaheed Ullah, et al.
Biomedical Letters  | Volume 8 | Issue 2 | pages 144-156
Case report
Case report of multiple concomitant infections (HCV, HEV, Typhoid and Oral thrush) and their treatment challenges in a developing country

Muhammad Alamgir Khan, Rabia Nawaz, Khadija Akhter, Ammara Ahad, Samyyia Abrar, Uqba Mehmood, et al.
Biomedical Letters  | Volume 8 | Issue 2 | pages 157-161

Research article
Modeling interaction between non-structural protein 2 of Chikungunya Virus and various protein factors of innate pathway

Ijaz Ahmad, Hayat Khan, Muhammad Salman, Latifur Rehman, Shahab Ahmad Khan, Saddam, Ibrar Khan, et al.
Biomedical Letters  | Volume 8 | Issue 2 | pages 162-169
Research article
Enhancement in aqueous solubility of sulindac medicine by using the micellar solution of ionic and non-ionic surfactants

Faiz Ullah, Sami Ullah, Muhammad Farhan Ali Khan, Fahad Khan Tareen, Nazeer Hussain Khan
Biomedical Letters  | Volume 8 | Issue 2 | pages 170-176
Research article
Relationship of smoking with alteration in body physiology

Ghulam Khalid Mahmood, Muhammad Habib Ur Rehman, Asma Sardar, Muhammad Wajid, Muhammad Saleem Khan, Sheraz Khan, et al.
Biomedical Letters  | Volume 8 | Issue 2 | pages 177-183

Research article
Characterization of metal (Mg, Ni & Zn) complexes with β-sitosterol for antimicrobial studies

Yasmeen Bibi 1, Aneela Wahab 1, S. Naseem Shah 2, Samina Satar 1, Atya Hassan 1, Sikandar Khan Sherwani 3, Syed Ahsan Shah 4
Biomedical Letters  | Volume 8 | Issue 2 | pages 184-195