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ISSN 2311-3219 - An International Triannual Journal
2022 | Volume 10 | Issue 2        
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Biomedical Sciences | Review article
Anemia Epizootiology, Physiopathology and Analysis in Middle- and Low-income Countries

Haseeb Ahmad, Ambreen Aleem, Faisal Usman, Waseem Ashraf, Muhammad Shoaib Khan, Amna Manzoor, Imran Ahmad
Sci. Lett. 2022; 10(2):47-60
Food Sciences | Data analysis
Drivers of Households' Demand for White and Red Meat in Nigeria

Ashagidigbi Waheed Mobolaji
Sci. Lett. 2022; 10(2):61-66

Food Sciences | Research article
Starch Content, Antioxidant Activity and Inhibition of Starch Hydrolyzing Enzymes by Unripe Musa paradisiaca and Musa acuminata

Veronica O. Odubanjo, Sidiqat A. Shodehinde, Favour A. Adedeji, Joseph A. Daniel, Ayobami A. Olayinka, et al.
Sci. Lett. 2022; 10(2):67-75
Veterinary / Animal Sciences | Review article
Role of Nanotechnology in Animal Nutrition, Health and Reproduction

Syed Muhammad Raza, Syeda Kainat Fatima, Shams-ul-Haq, Tehreem Sajjad, Natasha Noor, Ayesha Maheen, Syed Zain-ul-Abideen, Muhammad Farhan Rahim
Sci. Lett. 2022; 10(2):76-83
Biomedical Sciences | Data analysis
Knowledge and Level of Awareness About Dental Implants Amongst the Dental Undergraduate Students and Interns

Sneha Puri, Mahvash Fatema, Akhilesh Shewale, Rashmi Bele, Priyanka Ghogare
Sci. Lett. 2022; 10(2):90-94

Veterinary / Animal Sciences | Research article
Influence of Sexual Dimorphism on Genetic Parameters of Arbor Acre Chicken

Olugbenga Samson ABE
Sci. Lett. 2022; 10(2):84-89