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ISSN 2311-3219 - An International Triannual Journal
2021 | Volume 9 | Issue 3
Agricultural / Plant Sciences  |  Research article  |  https://doi.org/10.47262/SL/9.3.132021026
Anatomical Variations in Leaves of Pisum sativum Grown with Wastewater of Different Industries

Ali Razzaq, Syeda Anjum Tahira, Rukhsar Shaheen*

Department of Botany, University of Okara, Multan Road, Renala Khurd, Okara, Punjab, Pakistan

An experiment was carried out to evaluate the anatomical variations in leaves of Pisum sativum grown in medium irrigated with different industrial wastewaters. The Sukhrawa drain area was selected for the collection of wastewaters of different industries in district Okara, Punjab, Pakistan. The experiment was comprised of six wastewater treatments, including protein farm wastewater, rice mill wastewater, combined wastewater of hospital and oil mill, paper mill wastewater and municipal wastewater. The results of anatomical variations in the epidermis, vascular bundle, palisade, and mesophyll cells indicated that the apical part, center, and base of leaf blade all showed normal structure and healthy cells when irrigated with rice mill wastewater and paper mill wastewater, while the center of leaf blade also showed good results when irrigated with the municipal wastewater. So, the results indicate that pea plants can be grown with wastewater from the rice mill, paper mill and municipal wastewater. In the future, wastewater from rice mills, paper mills and municipal wastewater should be considered to check for possible anatomical variations in other plants.

A R T I C L E  I N F O

September 17, 2021
November 04, 2021
November 06, 2021
December 19, 2021

*Corresponding author
Rukhsar Shaheen

Environmental pollution
Industrial wastewater
Pea plant

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