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ISSN 2311-3219 - An International Triannual Journal
2013 | Volume 1 | Issue 1
Biotechnology | Research article
Optimization and effect of Zn2+, Mn2+ and Ni2+ on poly-hydroxybutyrate (PHB) synthesis by Bacillus subtilis ATCC 6633

Waseem Raza, Wang Yang, Muhammad Faheem, Sohail Yousaf  
Sci. Lett. 2013; 1(1): 5-8

Veterinary / Animal Sciences | Review article
DNA vaccines as sustainable Coccidiosis control strategies in chickens

Muhammad Ali A Shah     
Sci. Lett. 2013; 1(1): 1-4

Veterinary / Animal Sciences | Research article
Conventional semen processing technique and breeding soundness of various cattle breed bulls used in sub-tropical conditions

Fawad Ur Rehman, Muhammad Subhan Qureshi, Sajid Ur Rehman, Ikramullah Khan, Hafiz Abdul Majid, Muhammad Aftab
Sci. Lett.  2013; 1(1): 9-12

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Agriculture / Plant Sciences | Research article
Volatile and non-volatile antifungal compounds produced by Trichoderma harzianum SQR-T037 suppressed the growth of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. niveum

Waseem Raza, Muhammad Faheem, Sohail Yousaf, Faheem Uddin Rajer, Muhammad Yamin
Sci. Lett. 2013; 1(1): 21-24

Veterinary / Animal Sciences | Review article
Present status of camel Trypnosomiasis in Pakistan, a review of literature

Muhammad Ali A Shah, Khalil Ur Rehman, Fawad Ur Rehman, Nongye He
Sci. Lett. 2013; 1(1): 30-33

Veterinary / Animal Sciences | Research article
In vitro antimicrobial sensitivity pattern of mastitis causing bacterial pathogens isolated from cattle in arid zones of Punjab, Pakistan

Sajid Umar, Fozia Sarwar, Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Ali A Shah, Abdul Ghafar, Asif Ali, Sajjad Asif
Sci. Lett. 2013; 1(1): 17-20

Chemical and Physical Sciences | Research article
Surface and micellar properties of Clindamycine Phosphate in aqueous solution

Muhammad Usman, Zahoor Hussain Farooqi, Abbas Khan, Mohammad Siddiq, Muhammad Yameen
Sci. Lett. 2013; 1(1): 25-29   

Food Sciences | Research article
Effect of replacement of citric acid with lactic acid on vitamin-C and sensory characteristics of ready to serve apple drink during storage

Muhammad Abid, Saqib Jabbar, Muhammad Saeeduddin, Muhammad Ammar Khan, Tahir Zahoor
Sci. Lett. 2013; 1(1): 13-16